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Extremely Rare Late Adams Rose "Lokilani Rose" (Heavenly Rose) Hawaiian Issue Sugar Bowl

Adams Rose Lokilani RoseSugar Bowl
Adams Rose Lokilani RoseSugar Bowl
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Item Number: AR204
Free of chips, cracks, & restoration.  Approx. 4.5"H x 5.75"W.  The Daughter's Of Hawaii, a women's organization that was begun by the daughter's of the first missionaries to Hawaii (who came of course from the New England States) hold that the pattern was designed by a Mr. Pinder, owner of Pinder-Bourne Company of Staffordshire England (later sold to Doulton) on the occasion of the wedding of his daughter, Elizabeth Bourne Pinder to the son of a Hawaii Missionary and department store owner, John Thomas Waterhouse the Third.  Pinder designed the "everyday dishes" from John Waterhouse's descriptions of the Lokilani Rose. Pinder also designed a fine china set as a wedding gift, of a very different design. Pinder supposedly tried to patent the design but was unsuccessful and it was copied by various potteries in Staffordshire and variations of the pattern were also made. Interestingly, there was a set designed for "western" service and a set designed for "Hawaiian" service. The Hawaiian service included additional pieces specifically designed for condiments and entrees found in Hawaii. The dishes could be purchased at another department store, W.W. Diamond, in Honolulu. Some pieces even carry the Diamond stamp.